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Five. My girl is five today. The moment I first held her is so clear in my mind. She had the roundest, rosiest cheeks. The most perfect little rosebud mouth. Itty bitty ears. A tiny swirl of hair. She was beautiful. And every day – every single day – she somehow becomes more beautiful. More […]

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Growing Up

It’s rare to have the opportunity to observe Rowenna in an environment she has spent a lot of time visiting without me. She attends a weekly playgroup run by her Montessori school and because I’ve been so sick, hubby has been taking her. Today was my first session in 5 weeks and what I saw […]

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The Pain in the Heart

I’ve hesitated to write this, but when I think of other mommas who might be out there thinking the same thing, I feel like I need to share this. I have a very, very dear friend whose daughter is 2 months older than Rowenna. My friend is endlessly patient, kind, gentle. She constantly seeks to […]

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Vital Stats: One Year

Well, here we are. A year later. The party over, the cake eaten, the giant pile of tissue paper and ribbon finally in the trash. We’ve had our one year well baby visit, our one year developmental evaluation, and some fun firsts in the last week. Since my blog is used by friends and family […]

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First Birthday

My baby is one today. A year ago I labored to bring her into the world, my husband and my doula by my side. A year ago they placed her in my arms and I took her in, every last inch of her. A year ago I became a momma and we became a family. […]

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I’ve been in sort of a funk the last few days and I’ve been trying to pinpoint why. It hit me square in the heart while I was replying to a friend on Facebook about Rowenna’s first birthday party. I think I’m afraid for Rowenna to turn one. She’s finally reached an age where people […]

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