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Blog Challenge Week 7: Golden Moments

It’s a Sunday morning. Sunshine streams in through the windows, the ceiling fan circles lazily above us. Both my girls are morning people. I assure you they did not inherit this trait from me, but even so I try to soak up these moments even if I’m not quite ready for the day. Rowenna comes […]

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Blog Challenge Week 6: Vent

A vent. A vent I’ve been meaning to write for years, but haven’t had the right words until now. Down syndrome community: our kids are ok because they are our fellow human beings. Period. Full stop. No further justification required. I used to help moderate the Down syndrome board over on Baby Center and used […]

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Blog Challenge Week 5: Comforts and Connections

Today Rowenna officially received an autism diagnosis. After watching our girl change over the last year, and a series of evaluations, there was nothing but relief. With that one word on paper now we have access to a wealth of supports to help her better navigate the world. As we’ve been going along the last […]

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Blog Challenge Week 4: Getting Raw, Getting Real

This week’s prompt is to get real about challenges related to disability. The host of this blog hop ran the list of topics by me a few weeks before they went live. This one jumped right out at me because I wondered what I would write this week. Things have been a little too real […]

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Blog Challenge Week 2: Coming to Terms with Disability

This is a hard week for me because it involves admitting some stuff I am not very proud of. Coming to terms with disability has been a multi-step process for me and as I write today I am painfully aware that I’m probably not done. You could say I came “to terms” with Rowenna’s disability […]

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Blog Challenge Week 1: My Connection to Disability

This summer I’m taking a Blog Challenge – an amazing opportunity to read more from those in the disability community and to get me back in the habit of writing more frequently. Read more from other bloggers participating in the hop – links at the bottom of this post. I’m excited about this opportunity. The […]

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Blog Hop January 2014

It’s time for another blog hop with my fabulous fellow bloggers. Links to other writers participating in the hop can be found at the bottom of this post. As always, it’s a truth, a tip, and a picture. A truth: When you have a kid with Down syndrome, strangers are going to say things to […]

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September Blog Hop

Blog hoppin’ with my fellow Down syndrome parent bloggers. Find the others participating in the hop at the bottom of this post. As always, it’s a truth, a tip, and a photo… Truth: The amount of energy your three year old has is directly proportional to your own level of exhaustion. While pregnant, her energy […]

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Blog hopping this week! Check out everyone’s favorite summer time memories and traditions on the Down Syndrome Blogs Blog Hop! So what do I love about summer, and what do I hope to share with Rowenna? It’s the sound of summer. It starts with being able to finally leave windows open and waking up to […]

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Guest Post

I’m guest-posting over on With a Little Moxie today. It’s week 4 of the Down syndrome awareness blog hop, so be sure to scroll down to the bottom of the post and read other entries in the hop. Lots of good stuff there! In Rowenna news, things are going well. She attends the full morning […]

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