This weekend I stood up in the wedding of a dear friend and sorority sister. I was terrified to go. One of the other bridesmaids, also a sorority sister, has a son who is just one week older than Rowenna. I didn’t know if I could see him and hear about him and watch him thrive. I […]

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Footie Pajamas

I just want to share this very simple thought with you: A snuggly baby in footie pajamas has to be the greatest thing in the world. Rowenna and I spent a great morning snuggling while the wind howled outside the window. She listened to me sing and ran her fingers through my hair. She flashed […]

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Just a Little Post

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something. I’ve been deep in thought these last weeks, thinking about my life and my baby girl. I’ve wanted to write about a couple things but realized that I’m not quite ready to put words to some of the things on my heart right now. So, here’s a […]

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What Life Is

So I really thought I had truly, deeply, fully accepted Rowenna’s diagnosis. I could read about what to expect and not freak out. I could see our upcoming milestones and see ways to help her get there. I could talk with moms of other children with Down syndrome. I could spend time with “typical” babies […]

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Glee is a great show. Smart but goofy, fun but tackles some pretty big issues. Last night’s episode (“Grilled Cheesus”) had me in tears. I watched Glee while pregnant and was very entertained. It wasn’t until I had a child with Down syndrome that I realized what the show is really about. It’s about inclusion […]

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Dear Rowenna

I’m sitting here in the ICU with you as you heal from open heart surgery. You have surpassed everyone’s expectations. Every time a doctor warned us something might happen, you dug in your heels and proved them wrong. You are beautiful and pink and every bit as wonderful as they said you would be after […]

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So. Apparently there is a lot of ignorance and even hatred out there about individuals with Down syndrome. I’m sure I’ll blog about this again at some point, but I want to put this out there now. I want to talk about how this feels after 16 weeks. When we received Rowenna’s diagnosis, I was […]

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Rowenna’s Heart

This is a well-known poem by e.e. cummings, but it’s been rattling around in my mind since last week. i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darling) […]

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I’m Sorry

It took three and a half months, but I finally heard what I have been dreading hearing since we got Rowenna’s diagnosis. Upon hearing Rowenna has Down syndrome, this complete stranger said “I’m sorry. I’ll pray for you.” These past weeks I have been thinking of good, polite comebacks for this type of scenario. Yeah, […]

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Someone Said It Out Loud

Today was the first time a stranger asked, point blank, if Rowenna has Down syndrome. Woah. That was a strange feeling. I am totally aware that my child has Down syndrome and has some of the physical characteristics. When I look at her, I just don’t see it but I know they are there and others see […]

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