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Wistful, Wondering

October 15 is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day. This day is a bittersweet day for me. I think of the babies that were not born into this world. I think of the pain, both physical and emotional, of their losses. But I also think of the incredible kindness shown to me by family and […]

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Light and Dark

I live with a ray of sunshine. When she smiles, she smiles with her whole body. Light just pours out of her and her enthusiasm is contagious. She never fails to have a smile, a pat on the cheek, a hug for those she loves. But lately it’s been hard to live with her constant […]

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Sweet Afton

Little Sister is here. Her name is Afton Mattea-Mary, named for a beloved folk song (you can listen to it here, lyrics are a poem by Robert Burns) and for two people who have supported us and loved us unconditionally through it all – my brother, Matthew, and my grandmother, Mary. I can never fully […]

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Nearly 8 years ago, I promised hubby in my wedding vows that no matter where we lived and no matter our circumstances, he would always have a home. For me, home is not really a place, a physical spot, a hook to hang your hat. It’s a feeling of belonging that can be created no […]

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So Big

I’ve officially entered the third trimester and an unexpected feeling has crept up on me. Rowenna is so big. I look at the tiny onesies we’re washing and putting away, the itty bitty hats I’ve knitted and set aside for Little Sister’s first days in the world, and I am overwhelmed by how big my […]

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State of the Spark: 26 Week Edition

Just over 26 weeks pregnant, nearing the end of my second trimester. I had a fetal echocardiogram this morning to take a close look at our baby’s heart. Little Spark is looking good. Growing well (just over 2 pounds at this point) and very active. My heart soared to see her teeny, tiny little heart […]

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State of the Spark – 16 Weeks Edition

So I’m 16 weeks pregnant. For friends and family following along, I thought I would post a quick update of how our little spark is doing. Everything is going well baby-wise. Nice, strong heartbeat and I’m starting to feel the little “bubbles” that I know will very quickly turn into “I’m here!” flutters. (Of course, […]

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September Blog Hop

Blog hoppin’ with my fellow Down syndrome parent bloggers. Find the others participating in the hop at the bottom of this post. As always, it’s a truth, a tip, and a photo… Truth: The amount of energy your three year old has is directly proportional to your own level of exhaustion. While pregnant, her energy […]

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Why I Chose a CVS, And Why I Support Non Invasive Testing

As a member of the parenting community, here’s a sampling of things I get to hear and read with great frequency: -“I would never choose a cvs or amnio because I wouldn’t want to harm my baby.” -“I would never choose a cvs or amnio because I would never terminate my pregnancy.” -“I would never […]

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Lucky Indeed

Our beloved Jax ran away, and a while later we decided to get a kitten. Our other cat, Milo, was moping – big time – and we liked the idea of a kitten that would grow up with Rowenna, rather than bringing in an adult cat with a more established personality who might not take […]

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