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The manner in which we learned our daughter’s diagnosis is still a sore subject for us. During my pregnancy, the quad screen showed an elevated risk for Down syndrome – 1 in 227.  High, but not earth-shattering by any means. Two different ultrasounds showed no soft markers, and we were sent into the last 20 […]

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Beautiful Morning

Yesterday we had new windows installed in our bedroom. We live in 104 year old house and the previous windows were beyond repair and the glass was thick and dingy. This morning I woke up to miraculous sunlight filling the room. Everything looked so fresh and crisp and clean. It was like seeing the room […]

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The Duality of My Life

Today I sat with Rowenna resting on my legs, her blue eyes intently searching my face. She cooed and gurgled for about half an hour and smiled at the faces I made back at her. And it struck me all the while that right now I feel like I live two lives. There’s the life […]

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My Kid Comes with an Instruction Manual

I hear a lot of jokes about kids not coming with instruction manuals. Fathers who eye up their children with that unique mix of awe, fear, and love that comes only with fatherhood and joke that life would be easier if their kids came with a manual. Mothers who sigh when the hundredth soothing technique […]

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