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Down Syndrome Awareness

October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. So, let’s get that bit out of the way: Down syndrome is a thing, my oldest child has it, so…be aware. This month, social media will be flooded with extra pictures of people with Ds and many will choose to share facts and figures. That is good, but I’m […]

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Sad and Disappointed

This has been a sad few weeks in the online Down syndrome community. Several young children have died, some unexpectedly and some after fighting long-term illness. To watch our community gather on message boards, facebook, and through email to support families and mourn these losses is a sight to behold. We are fiercely protective of […]

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Retard, Revised

Today is Spread the Word to End the Word Day. I’ve revised my post from last year to include a challenge. In short, I’m tired of people defending their use of the word. I’m tired of people thinking it’s ok. And I’m past the point of wanting to be nice about the whole thing, asking […]

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Call to Action: ABLE Act

See this lovely little girl? I would love to save for her future, just like parents across the country save for their children. The problem is the way our service system currently works. If she comes into more in cash assets than the federal government allows, she will be stripped of her access to Medicaid […]

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Sucker Punch(es)

A post in which we receive some very unexpected news. We’ve tried to create a team with the people who work with Rowenna at both schools. I regularly speak with her teachers and therapists, we use the communication notebook to some extent, and I am at every drop off and pick up possible to remain […]

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A lot of doors open to you in Disability World. Sometimes I like what I see behind them – people with big hearts, open arms, a desire to really know you. Sometimes I want to slam the door shut on the ugliness I find. Sometimes I find something I’m not quite sure how to handle, […]

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A Little Bit about NDSAN

In 1975, Robin and David Steele visited a group home for children with disabilities and met 3 year old Martha Ann. At the time, they knew little about the adoption process, and even less about Down syndrome, but they knew Martha would one day be part of their family. Over time, the couple eventually adopted […]

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Blog Hop: A Truth, A Tip, and a Picture

Blog hop time! Hopping with the wonderful bloggers at the International Alliance of Writers for Down Syndrome. We’re offering up a truth, a tip, and a picture. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to see the other writers participating in the hop! A Truth: There is a need – a deep need – […]

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6 Months and Still No Justice

It has been 6 months since Ethan Saylor died at the hands of three off-duty police officers and there has still been no justice. Here is a re-post of my blog entry about his death. We cannot – and will not – forget. *** On January 12, 2013, a 26 year old man named Robert […]

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