A Nod of Her Head

Yesterday, I opened Rowenna’s backpack and pulled out a shopping bag. Her school offers a holiday shop and her class had taken their turn.

We sent Rowenna with enough to purchase one item each for hubby, Afton, and myself. No instructions other than to let her aide know that Afton is 21 months old.

So I pulled out the shopping bag and asked Rowenna if she had gone shopping today.

She nodded.

I pulled out the first item and she grinned broadly. I asked if it was for daddy, and I got another nod. I pulled out what I assumed was my gift and asked if it was for Afton. She laughed and shook her head. I asked if it was for me. Another nod, and she signed “mom.” I pulled out the last gift and asked if it was for Afton. A nod, and an “eff.”

This is the first conversation I have ever had with Rowenna that went beyond our usual “Do you want to do x” and Rowenna replying with a PECS card or sign for item x (or an emphatic “no!”). This is the first time she has produced multiple answers, correctly and in context.

Today I was able to ask her a series of yes or no questions based on a few items school had sent home with her.

I wonder so much about what goes through her mind. What she thinks about, what she remembers, what she wishes she could tell me.

There is so much inside her – we can see it bubbling up all the time. I can’t wait until she gets off the bus tomorrow so I can ask her about school.

She is amazing.



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One Response to A Nod of Her Head

  1. Valorie December 28, 2015 at 11:53 am #

    Congratulations! It’s so exciting when our children begin to communicate in a meaningful way! Our son said a list of things to get from the “gosee store” for the first time! I posted it on a DS website. :) Have a very Happy 2016! The Ebie Family

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